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Demon!Prussia x f!Reader - Prologue
    _________ regretted her decision. Well technically it wasn’t her at all. In fact, she had no choice in the decision at all, as all ________’s friends agreed she had to join them. And what she was to join her friends in, was a Ouija Board session. Oh yeah, perfect for _________, who is absolutely terrified of all things supernatural.
“You can’t punch it, how the hell are you supposed to fight it!?” She argued. But her friends would have none of it. They sat _________ down, around a coffee table, and they all placed two fingers on the planchette. The living room they were in was dimly lit, and vaguely smelled like lavender. The friend who was hosting this gathering, has an aunt who dabbles in magic. She often comes over to teach said friend what she knows; apparently they had “just started their Spirit unit.” He spoke as if he was taking an actual course on this stuff.
    They moved the piece in a circ
:icongazzpacho:gazzpacho 24 7
Fro Yo - Finland x Reader
    “_________, what flavor are you getting?” The line was long, filled with kids running around with their cups, and their parents trying to herd them back to the yogurt dispensers. It gave _________ and Tino ample amount of time to decide before they got up there. And yet, _________ was taking their sweet old time with the decision.
     “Not sure yet, what about you?” _________ turned to face Tino, with a smile on their face. Tino made a small face of surprise, caught off guard by the question before returning the smile.
    “There are just so many flavors, I want to try them all, but I think I’ll just get vanilla. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all these new flavors. Especially with the fact that I might not like them at all.” _________ responded with a giggle-- hand over the mouth and everything.
    “I understand completely. But you could go a lit
:icongazzpacho:gazzpacho 22 14
Tell Me What You Said - Iceland x F!Reader
    “Excuse me-?” ________ tore her eyes away from the tv screen to meet Eirikur’s

    “It was nothing, please forget it.” He responded quickly, looking away from _________’s gaze. Instead of ignoring it, she leaned closer to the boy, disturbing the cocoon of warmth they had built under a particularly warm blanket. The couch cushion shifted, _________’s leg slipped between two cushions, causing her to stumble a bit.

    “My bad-” In _________’s tumble she had hit her forehead on Eirikur’s shoulder. She heard the click of a tongue and felt warm hands cup her cheeks. Lifting up __________’s face, he inspected her forehead.

    “You really have to be more careful __________.”

    “It was only your shou
:icongazzpacho:gazzpacho 18 5


Romano X Reader: It's You

    Warning: ‘Lime’ ahead!!!! (But if you guys want me to put Mature Content on it, just tell me in comment!)

        (Y/n) = your name
        (L/n) = Last name
        (H/c) = hair color
        (E/c) = eyes color
        (F/c) = Favorite color
    OK, Author-Chan out! Please, enjoy the story!
:iconyozoraryouko:YozoraRyouko 23 9
Cursed!Pirate!England x Witch!Reader|1|
“. . . Oh, don’t look so dispirited, Captain. What, are you heartbroken?. . .” 
You were gifted with the abilities of a witch.
As queen of the black market, you lived with little fear of being hunted; you aided slaves and criminals, corrupt English officials and wives of horrid husbands— and although your business, if exposed, meant the noose, your clients kept your secrets as you would theirs. You were too powerful for them to lose. 
Never would they reveal your identity, for they would need you again. Always.
That was the muddled part of mortals that you didn’t understand. They seemed to never be satisfied. Once they had one wish granted, another seemed to be more important, as another one and another one did, and with you as the solution, it was uncommon to not see them again upon your moonlit doorstep a few nights later.  
However, one sensation that was characteristic to humans, one that you truly understood, w
:iconpaintingpenguins:PaintingPenguins 34 5
Knock-Out | 2p!Germany x Reader | Prologue
Authors Note!!!
Mr.______ would be your father or father figure
sorry if it confused anyone at first ^^

The pace was fast of people running around with the feeling of excitement and anxiousness spinning around from the back stage.  Two huge men entered the ring at apposing ends and look up at each other with the wish of the others blood on the floor.  The two men walked up to the middle of the ring, only inches away from each others face, the referee pulls them apart and explains the rules, both men bump boxing gloves and went back to their spots of the ring.  The anticipation was high, both men moving around their feet and waiting for those three bells to go off.
Both men ran up to the middle and jogged around each other, a hell of a swing after swing, the sound of pounding flesh and other men yelling around the room cause this to turn into a real brawl.
A group of men were hidden in a secret room, high above
:iconxxxsweetsugarpiexxx:XxXSweetSugarPieXxX 28 3
Pokemon GO!- Spark X Reader-Score one for the Dork
Spark X reader- Score one for the dork
(A/N: UPDATE: This was originally called Stereo heart based after the song I was listening to at the time of writing... But after reading this over a few times and thinking...I thought Score One For The Dork was a better title. I hope you enjoy!
With a pokeball in hand, and a smirk on your face, you eyed the Pichu that sat in the nearby grass.
You were a young aspiring pokemon trainer. Just like everyone you wanted to be the very best, and catch as many pokemon as you could. You had been tracking this Pichu for an hour now, and the hot sun beat down on your head.
The pokemon you shared a special bond with, Cubone, clung to your leg. He was the only pokemon you had...he was your best friend.
"Come on Cue," you said "it's a new friend let's catch him!" You said softly.
Cubone whined lightly, but slowly let go of your leg and adjusted his skull healmet. He let out a small adorable sneeze, that caused his healmet to fall crooked a
:iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 174 33
Roses Reader x England
'She's so gorgeous'
His emerald irises were glued on to the young woman who calmly and carefully plucked fresh roses and placed them onto the basket.
Arthur was deeply in love with her it was unnerving, he was immensely captivated by this woman it was almost as if she cast some sort of spell onto him, for him to be so into her it scares him sometimes.
So graceful, so captivating
The woman picks up a rose and inhales its sweet aroma; he saw a glimpse of happiness in her as her lips tug into a smile, that smile, her smile that makes him melt, a smile that could warm his coldest days.  
Everything she does he loves, hell, even her breathing is like some orchestrated symphony to him.
A lock of her hair falls on her face and he pushes it away making her glance at him, her striking features were breathtaking, he felt himself blush as her orbs scrutinized him so he glanced at the rose held inbetween her fingers.
She gave him the rose, simpering at him as her body leans
:iconayushuu:Ayushuu 29 1
..:.:: Gardening ::.:.. :iconhebigami-okami-77:Hebigami-Okami-77 64 25
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 1
~Chapter 1~
It was easy to tell the humans and dragons apart. By nature, dragons were beings of supernatural abilities in both physical and magical traits, and most if not all of the time, they also chose the forms of either beautiful or handsome—or sometimes both—forms that only added to their majestic existences.
Now that you had grown older, that fact should have been obvious. You had wished you had seen the signs earlier for if you had, things would have been different. You would have said different things to him when he had departed.
However, a decade had come and gone. The eternal winter of Dragonfall had officially ended, and the tale of the Dragonheart was well underway to becoming a legend in the making.
Dragons were still a rarity, but you had seen some of them pass through on occasion. With the village being so close to Eldur Mountain, you would have thought more dragons would have stopped by whether in their true forms or in their human forms.
The fact that you
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 575 234
Jealous PrussiaxReader Drabble
“Hey, Liebling?”
A very grumpy, “Why are you ignoring me?”
You hummed as you turned your head to look at your boyfriend, who had a very obvious pout on his face.
“What is it, Gil?”
Said albino huffed rather obnoxiously and crossed his arms. “You were ignoring me.”
You snorted faintly. “I was not.”
Gil whined and dropped his arms. “Yes you were! You weren’t listening to me!”
“I was reading, Gil. You know I don’t always hear things when I’m reading.”
Gil huffed again and went over to fall onto the couch with his face in your stomach. You shook your head in amusement but let him do as he pleased.
Once he was comfortable, he continued speaking in a very grumpy tone. “Why do you always pay more attention to your books than to me…”
Laughter could be heard in your voice. “Are you jealous of my books?”
A very pouty, &
:iconbluerose269:bluerose269 270 12
Steal My Girl [Denmark x Reader] ((Songfic))
She been my queen since we were sixteen,
We want the same things, we dream the same dreams, 
Alright... Alright...

    "Oh! And look at that one! Isn't it pretty? Wow..." Mathias smiled at your childish giddiness as you observed the Clouded Leopards at the zoo. It was a nice day, and you wanted to go to the zoo. Your boyfriend Mathias agreed, saying he wanted to see the new Tiger exhibit anyways, and it was set.
    Mathias sighed softly as your eyes gleamed with pure happiness. He loved it when you smiled, he loved everything about you. Your big, sweet eyes, your silky locks of hair, your fair, flawless skin, you were perfect in his eyes.
    You were also perfect in other people's eyes as well.
    He always noticed other guys staring at you, ogling you right in front of him. Of course, you always managed to find a way to be distracted, so you never noticed, but he did.
    It was annoying. 
    You were his
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 115 23
Mature content
Prussia X Reader: Show Me Sin (Lemon) :iconrefreak111:REFREAK111 313 81
its 2016 and im still drawing aph :iconsandy-draws:sandy-draws 41 3
Laundry Day (Sweden X Chubby Reader)
Laundry Day
(SwedenXChubby Reader)
It was laundry day in your house. Your husband Berwald was usually around to help you, but he had to work late today. You really didn’t mind doing it by yourself though. You liked it more than (Least favourite chore that isn’t laundry).
You had folded the last of Berwald’s laundry and thrown yours into the dryer. Berwald always insisted that you separate your laundry from his. It would have been far simpler to combine them, but you did it was one of his quirks, so you indulged it.
After the dryer had started you went upstairs to start cooking something dinner. As you rummaged through the cupboard to find something to cook, a whole bag of flour fell out and landed on the floor. Flour exploded everywhere, covering you and the kitchen in a fine white dust.
“Crap.” You shouted at the kitchen. You tried to brush the flour off your clothes but it didn’t disappear.
You ran to your room to find some other clothes, but you r
:iconbandgeek231:bandgeek231 298 17
______ was a great friend of Antonio, Francis and Gilbert, or as they loved to call themselves, the Bad Touch Trio. The four were hanging out at Gilbert's house for a change, playing cards. Since it was hot and the pool and lake in the town were filled to the brim, they stayed inside his air conditioned house.
“I'm out.” Francis said and put his cards down. “Too rich for my blood.”
“Oh please Franny, I can't imagine something too rich for it.” Gilbert said with a cocky grin.
“Mon Dieu, don't call me that stupid nickname.” Francis said.
“Antonio, what about you?” ______ asked.
“I fold.” Antonio said and put his cards down as well.
______ smirked and then looked at Gilbert. “Looks like it's just us.” She commented.
“I guess you're right, frau.” Gilbert said. He showed his hand to everyone else. “Three jacks! Ha, beat that!”
______ sighed with a frown and shook her head in disbelief
:iconprincess-shy-fox:princess-shy-fox 209 16
APH Japan [with antlers] :iconpotatodream:PotatoDream 200 28
unconditionally // sasaki haise
Haise sat up in your shared bed, roused from his sleep from another foul nightmare that plagued his mind. It seemed that even with you by his side the memories struggling to resurface would continue to tear him asunder. Why couldn’t he sleep? Why couldn’t he just rest for once? Why did the nightmares get worse when he slept next to you?
He asked himself these questions, but deep down he knew the answer.
Because he was afraid. He met you, loved you, and you just became one more thing he couldn’t bear to lose if his identity of Kaneki Ken took over.
Haise looked down at your sleeping form as his features gently twisted into a solemn frown. His time with you was so, so precious. He didn’t want to lose any of it, didn’t want it to get taken away if he disappeared. He just wanted to be with you forever, but that wasn’t possible, was it?
He reached a hand out to brush your hair from your face and was surprised when you grabbed his wrist. “Haise,
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 122 32
DenmarkxReader - Inner Ninja
"GOLDFISH!" Mathias slammed his row of cards onto the wooden table and perfected a little victory dance, which included shaking his booty in front of your face. You repulsively pushed him away and slammed your own cards down in frustration.
"This game sucks! You keep winning each and every time, bastard!" You jabbed your finger into his chest.
"Aw, you jealous of my amazing card playing skills?" He cocked his head to the side and showed off his movie star grin. Growling, you crossed your arms over your chest and pouted.
"No, it's just a stupid game." He laughed and swung his arm over your shoulders.
"Hey, I know something that might cheer you up!" You huffed and turned your head to the side, ignoring the cheeky smile he was giving you. But you couldn't possibly stay mad at the blond. And so you sighed and turned to face him, much to his pleasure.
"What is this big idea of yours?" You asked.
"Well, it's pretty risky. But you're going to have to be really sneaky for this..." Mathi
:iconsherlockedhazza:SherlockedHazza 452 112



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Artist | Student
United States
There's not much to put here, since I don't want to share much about myself ; v ;

☆But I love writing for and about, girls, boys, and everyone in between!☆

I will also tell you that I'm 17, I go by the name Gazz, and I prefer she/her pronouns!

Anime-Oppai is a rlly good friend of mine!!


I am SO sorry for the lack of updates, but since school's started I've had no free time ; - ;
My air conditioner broke and it's been so hot in my house 6 - 9 
Oh wow, my birthday was yesterday- I turned 17 on the 17th!!


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