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I am SO sorry for the lack of updates, but since school's started I've had no free time ; - ;
My air conditioner broke and it's been so hot in my house 6 - 9 

    “_________, what flavor are you getting?” The line was long, filled with kids running around with their cups, and their parents trying to herd them back to the yogurt dispensers. It gave _________ and Tino ample amount of time to decide before they got up there. And yet, _________ was taking their sweet old time with the decision.

     “Not sure yet, what about you?” _________ turned to face Tino, with a smile on their face. Tino made a small face of surprise, caught off guard by the question before returning the smile.

    “There are just so many flavors, I want to try them all, but I think I’ll just get vanilla. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all these new flavors. Especially with the fact that I might not like them at all.” _________ responded with a giggle-- hand over the mouth and everything.

    “I understand completely. But you could go a little more adventurous than vanilla.” _________ added a hint of challenge in their tone of voice. However their challenged was met with the firm grip of Tino’s hand wrapping around their own and the delicate peck on the cheek.

    “I think I’ll leave the adventures of yogurt tasting up to you.” ________ heard a light chuckle come from Tino and saw that his face displayed another one of his signature smiles. That always seemed to brighten ________’s day, even if it was already goin’ good.

    “If you say so-- I’ll let you try a bite of mine anyway. I think...I’ll get the toffee flavor. Sounds good, yeah?” He nodded in response. _________ gave one last loving look to Tino before grabbing their own medium sized cup for the frozen yogurt dispensers. He followed close behind, selecting the same size as them. The line ended up moving faster after that, the bigger families having bought their yogurts already. ________ and Tino pulled the levers for the selected flavors, and let the frozen yogurt fill at least half their cup.


    The toppings were always ________’s favorite part of the frozen yogurt building experience. And that was made apparent when they piled on the chocolate candies on top of the yogurt.

    The cups were weighed and paid for-- Tino had pulled out his wallet before ________ could even process the amount the yogurt had come to. Guess that was settled quickly then, yeah?

     Pulling ________ to the door, Tino suggested that they ate outside. It was nice out- and crowded inside so it seemed like the perfect place to eat.

   ________’s thighs flattened out on the chair as they sat down, and they crossed their feet, keeping one foot on the tip toe. Leaning forward, they scooped out some of the yogurt and offered it up for Tino to try. He happily complied, taking the bite in his mouth. His immediate response was to make a soft “Mmm” sound. He finished chewing the small chocolate candies, “That tastes really good, ________!”

    “I knew it would be.” _________ said in a matter-of-fact sort of way. Gently stabbing the candy pieces, they mixed up the yogurt concoction before taking their own bite. Tino laughed lightly before digging into his own bowl.

    “It sure is hot out.” Tino commented, making idle conversation. _________ just smiled.

    “Hence why I suggested frozen yogurt.” ________ uncrossed their legs, and gently nudged Tino’s shin. “Hey, after this we should walk back to my place and go for a quick swim in the pool.”

    “Sounds great-! It would really help cool off in this weather.” _________ gave a nod in agreement.

    “We could even invite Anders and all of them-” When _________ said “Anders and all of them” they were referring to Tino’s friend group: Anders, Arvid, Eirikur, and Berwald. An interesting bunch to be around, but fun none the less. Especially with Anders’ boundless energy.

    “That’s a great idea, _________!”

    “Then it’s a plan,” _________ pulled out their phone and started a group chat with all of them, and of course the response was fairly positive.

Fro Yo - Finland x Reader
Requested by: JGry ! So sorry it took so long! 

Although I had some writing block with this one (it's a little short lol), I did have fun with it- !
I kinda've wanted to go for a chubby!reader but I couldn't find a way to naturally include that information, so I put a subtle hint here and there. I hope to do a chubby!reader themed work soon! 

I'm kinda iffy with how I'm writing these reader inserts, if you dislike the third person view please let me know in the comments, and I can try to do the "You sat down in the chair" type writing in the future! 

Again, this is another human AU

☆Anders: Denmark
☆Arvid: Norway
☆Eirikur: Iceland
☆Berwald: Sweden 

Thank you so much for reading, and if you enjoyed it please don't be afraid to leave a comment, I love to see what you all think! ✌️
Oh wow, my birthday was yesterday- I turned 17 on the 17th!!

    “Excuse me-?” ________ tore her eyes away from the tv screen to meet Eirikur’s

    “It was nothing, please forget it.” He responded quickly, looking away from _________’s gaze. Instead of ignoring it, she leaned closer to the boy, disturbing the cocoon of warmth they had built under a particularly warm blanket. The couch cushion shifted, _________’s leg slipped between two cushions, causing her to stumble a bit.

    “My bad-” In _________’s tumble she had hit her forehead on Eirikur’s shoulder. She heard the click of a tongue and felt warm hands cup her cheeks. Lifting up __________’s face, he inspected her forehead.

    “You really have to be more careful __________.”

    “It was only your shoulder, it’s not like I smacked my head on concrete.” _________ remarked, removing Eirikur’s hands from her face. “Anyway, you still need to tell me what you said.” He shook his head defiantly, and looked back at the TV.

    “Pay attention to the movie, you’ll miss it.” In a huff, _________ grabbed the remote and paused the film. “What’d you do that for?”

    “Because I want you to tell me what you said.” _________ made a grab for one of Eirikur’s hands, and entwined her fingers with his. With her other hand she rubbed her thumb on the back of Eirikur’s. “I want you to talk to me, Erik-.” Her eyes lingered on their clasped hands before looking back up at him. __________ noticed the slightest coloration in his cheeks. She used her free hand to lightly pinch one. “There’s no need to feel nervous around me.” He inhaled quickly through his nose, and exhaled through his mouth.

    “_________, I really. . .really don’t like this movie.” A sound emitted from _________’s throat. It was a mix between an ‘eh’ and a shortened ‘huh-?’.

    “Was that all you had to say?” Eirikur considered the words before responding.

    “. . .Já pretty much.” Releasing his hand, _________ covered her mouth and laughed lightly.

    “You made me worry for nothing, Erik.” She latched onto the same cheek she pinched earlier and stretched it a bit. “Try not to do that in the future, okay?”

    “Okay-! Okay, okay,” grimacing in pain, Eirikur pulled _________’s hand off. “I just didn’t want to upset you because I know you like this movie.” He gestured to the screen. _________ grabbed the remote once more and simply turned off the TV. She turned back to her boyfriend with her lips pressed into a line.

    “Erik tell me how long we’ve been dating now.”

    “Almost a year-” He said, apprehensively. He bit his lip, vaguely in shame, knowing exactly where this conversation was going. It was a cliche line. The whole “How long have we been dating?” thing. Something only seen in movies honestly. _________ nodded, agreeing with the time provided by Eirikur, and wrapped her arms around his neck, shoulders bare to the cold air. Their legs were now precariously tangled together, putting _________ in a slightly uncomfortable position. However it wasn’t unbearable. Her torso was twisted so that it could face Eirikur head on, and her legs were stretched out over the rest of the couch’s expanse.

    “And in all that time, have I ever gotten angry or upset over something so trivial?” He shook his head. _________ smiled slightly. She leaned forward and touched their foreheads together, then their noses,...then their lips. The kiss was a short, and chaste one. “Besides, I don’t mind not watching the movie, I’ve seen it a thousand times. Even that gets boring.” She shifted so that she was straddling Eirikur’s knees, scooting closer ever so carefully. He snaked his arms around _________’s waist, helping her move along. She leaned in for another short kiss. “There are so many things we could have been doing besides watching that movie.”

    Eirikur pulled the blanket up to ________’s lower back, covering as much as he could without taking away from the view. A small smile graced his face as he pulled _________ closer, pressing his own back closer to the arm rest. “You should have said that sooner.” He mumbled lovingly, before reuniting their lips. This time the kiss lasted (much) longer, and was filled with a sense of intense loving. Instinctively, his hands started exploring more of ________’s body. He played with the hem of _________ shirt, slightly tickling the bare skin underneath. Slowly she pulled away from the kiss, both hers and his breathing labored.

    “No,” He breathed, “’s home. Arvid left before you came over, he’ll probably be gone for a while.” ________’s mouth twitched into a smile. Eirikur mimicked the gesture.

    “So tell me, what will we do while your brother is gone and we have no movie to watch.” Eirikur took a moment to collect his thoughts. He suddenly pulled her closer, to the point where their noses were nearly touching again, letting his hands play with some of the baby hairs on the back of her neck. In a soft voice, he said some pretty suggestive things to her. Not that she minded of course. _________ traced the outline of his ear before laying her palm on his face, slowly swiping her thumb over his smooth skin. She smiled brightly. “That’s much more interesting than the movie we were watching.” He nodded in agreement, lifted __________, and proceeded to carry her to his bedroom.

    On their way up they whispered sweet nothings to each other, as well as promises to bedroom plans.

Tell Me What You Said - Iceland x F!Reader
☆Hello hi! This was my first fanfiction I've written in a while- especially a reader insert. I've just come back to dA from a previous account, that I'm too embarresed to talk about. (The writing was so bad!) 

But now I'm back and I decided I would type this up and post it as a sort of warm-up to get myself used to fanfics, and writing in general again. I hope I can upload frequently and appeal to a wide audience. (I'm open to suggestions on which characters to write about, by the way! However I can't promise anything, I'm already so busy ; 0 ; )

Man I hope it turned out okay, let me know and stuff! 

In case it wasn clear, Arvid is the human name I use for Norway, and this is a human au!

☆Also let me know if you'd like to see a second part to this!


gazzpacho's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
United States
There's not much to put here, since I don't want to share much about myself ; v ;

☆But I love writing for and about, girls, boys, and everyone in between!☆

I will also tell you that I'm 17, I go by the name Gazz, and I prefer she/her pronouns!

Anime-Oppai is a rlly good friend of mine!!


No journal entries yet.

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